Ian Curtis of Joy Division, from The Story So Far Fanzine #3, 1980

"Most often we tend to identify ourselves with those who will be saved. We think of ourselves as one of those chosen seven of our species who were taken onboard—one of those who managed to go through the holy police cordon, behind which the damned, the sinners, the infected, the losers, and all the others were left. In our reality-time imagination we all belong to Noah’s family; we look at the disaster from outside, from the ark, so that only the water’s surface can be seen, and not what is going on in its depths—in the real-time of the catastrophe. It still did not happen to us, it happened to someone else, and for those in the water, it’s really happening—that’s why I say that they are living through, or rather dying through, a real, or catastrophic, time. In reality-time, in turn, the waters are still coming closer and closer, the catastrophe can and will happen, and we need to be prepared for it…"

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A I A : Alien Observer (2011), Grouper.

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The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

Manuscript available online at the Brown Digital Repository.



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Georges Bataille, On Nietzsche
I want to be very clear on this, too.

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