Have A Nice Life - Defenestration Song

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"But, you say, the encounter in joy engenders no line of flight, on the contrary, it seeks to maintain itself, doesn’t it produce the very permanence you detest? – No, flight is not only from terror, it is not me, you, underlying agents (des suppôts), who flee, it is intensity which loses itself in its own movement of expansion. Imagine the universe in expansion: does it flee from terror or explode with joy? Undecidable. So it is for the emotion, these polyvalent labyrinths to which, only after the event, the semiologists and psychologists will try to attribute some sense."

- Jean-Francois Lyotard. Libidinal Economy. (via criminal-delirium)

"I wished that the sky split open (the moment when the intelligible order of known objects – that remain inherently strange – becomes a presence intelligible only to the heart). I wished, but the sky did not open. There is something insoluble about this expectation of a ferocious beast, coiled up and eaten away with hunger. Nonsense: ‘Is it God that I want to tear apart?’ As if I genuinely were a ferocious beast – still my sickness gets worse. Because I am laughing at my own hunger. I don’t want anything to eat – I would rather be eaten."

- Georges Bataille, “Friendship" trans. Hager Weslati in parallax 2001, vol. 7
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Nine Disputations on Theology and Horror Eugene Thacker




Any question of the possibility of an ontology of life would have to consider “life” as a particular intersection between a biology of a non-conceptual life itself and an onto-theology of…

"Imagine a missile one hears approaching only after it explodes. The reversal! A piece of time neatly snipped out … a few feet of film run backwards … the blast of the rocket, fallen faster than sound— then growing out of it the roar of its own fall, catching up to what’s already death and burning … a ghost in the sky… ."

- Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow (via talesofpassingtime)

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